This Money-Getting System
Has Been PROVEN Once
Again, Bringing In OVER
$84,000. . .In Just Under 30 Days

Here's The True Story Of How This PROVEN System Works, And How We Can Put It To Work For YOU...

[Even If You're: Penniless, Creditless, and Scared $hitless of Investing]



From: Eric Medemar                           



o you think investing is a rich man's game?  I certainly don't anymore.  And I've been proving it since closing my first deal way back in 2003 using a fiercely SIMPLE Investing System (which I'll share with you in this letter).


    It's the unique system that took me from  a daydreaming "Dirt-Bag husband" to what my wife now brags "Her Real Estate STUD".


     It's a fascinating story that you'll want to read carefully... especially if you've ever had an interest in making a load of cash investing.



$84K in Just Under 30 Days?

     Actually, it's a lot more.

    Because since that record breaking month, I've gone onto close an additional 160 transactions.

     However, before we go any further, I need to set the record straight.

    We're only at the beginning of this letter and I've already shown you some pretty big numbers.  And if I were you, I'd be wondering....

Is This A Bunch of Hype?

     And you're absolutely right to be asking this question.

     Look, if I hadn't done all those deals myself and saw the checks with my own two eyes, there's no way I'd believe it was true.  In other words, I know how you're feeling.

     So let me put your mind at ease by letting you behind the scenes and showing you exactly how it all happened.  You'll hear about my amazing successes, my humiliating mistakes, and everything in between.

    Skeptical?   Great, that means you're on the right track  considering every success story begins with healthy skepticism...

"Life Wasn't Always A Bed Of Roses"

     Here's the Story:  You see, I haven't always been the man of my wife's dreams.   It all started just two weeks after college graduation, that's when my then girlfriend of 8 years and I (high school sweethearts) tied the knot.  

     Unfortunately she had no idea of  what an unemployable dreamer she was marrying.  Though I was constantly TALKING about investing, in the back of her mind she figured I'd eventually  "Get a job, like everyone else".  Boy was she in for a treat. 

     It wasn't long before things took a turn for the worse.  With neither of us able to find a decent paying job, I did the "Smart" thing and went into real estate.  Leaving my "Pissed, but pretty wife" to mow lawns for the summer.

     It seemed like I just couldn't get out of my own way.  No matter how hard I tried at times it seemed like I was destined for failure.  Maybe you've felt this way...It absolutely sucks.

     With one failure after another on my record I could tell "The talk" was eminent.   If your a lady reading this, you know just what the talk is....And, if your a guy reading this, I think you know where this is headed....

My Wife Was Bailing...

    She'd finally reached her breaking point and delivered her Dream crushing demands"You either get a job, get a closing, or I'm outta here", was the gist of it. 

     Evidently while I was busy failing at real estate (in the air conditioning), my wife had grown slightly irate "Sweating her ass off mowing lawns", as she so eloquently put it.

     A chance meeting with a friend, put me in touch with a local real estate wholesaler who was raking in cash faster than he could count it. (Even while the local real estate market was crumbling to bits). 

     Thank God I agreed to meet with him, because I was just seconds away from canceling this life changing (Who could've known) lunch appointment, figuring it would be just "One more thing for me to fail at".

     I almost doubted myself into a life of pure misery,   still to this day, I believe my ONLY saving grace was my decision SUSPEND MY DISBELIEFS and go with the 2 G's in my life--My GOD and my GUT

     As luck would have it, I made it to that lunch and life has never been the same since, and now I wants to help change yours.......


When I Finally Decided To...


 Then Everything Else Just Fell Into Place!

"Wholesaling Works Like CRAZY...BTW:  My God Is HUGE, My Gut Isn't Quite This Large-- in case you were curious?

Okay, I've Heard Enough, I'm To Go With My God and My Gut

What Happened Next?

     I almost hate trying to explain what happened after that meeting because, quite frankly, it sounds too good to be true.  Don't laugh, I know you're going to feel the same way once wholesaling goes to work for you...

"Even When Students Are Holding There First $10,000 or $20,000 Check....They Still Can't Believe It's True"

    So rather than leave you thinking I'm full of beans, I'll tell you why I started wholesaling.  That way you can decide if wholesaling sounds like something you can see yourself doing.


You don't need a penny in your bank account to get started.  In fact, for many of my students....the MORE broke they were, the quicker and easier it was for them to start putting together deals. (There's something about hitting rock bottom that motivates people)


If your like many of my students you've found that A-1 stellar credit is tough to come by.  That's why so many people are left grinning from ear to ear when they find out good credit isn't a requirement---Meaning, even if the repoman just towed your '87 Cutlass Supreme from the office parking lot this morning, you could be wholesaling this afternoon...I'm dead serious here!


You don't need any previous experience (I've had first time rookies  hit the $10,000/month mark, just as quickly, if not quicker than my seasoned pro mentoring students who've been investing for years).


Student's have appreciated the fact that they don't have to wait around for months or years to get paid....Wholesaling is the ultimate quick cash-getting strategy(My personal quickest student success story was finding an investor who bought 6 homes....Within just 5 minutes of running his first ad!)  Don't worry, I'm going to show you step-by-step how he did it!

    In other words, wholesaling is an excellent option:

- If You're Strapped For Cash

- If You're Credits Not the Best

- If You Might LOSE SLEEP Over Risk

- Need Money In 30 Days or So

      If that sounds like you, then I've got good news because IF YOU'VE GOT THE GUTS then this system will show you the way. 

Here's Just Small *Taste* of What's In Store For You...

1. Why the single most common (and depressing) beginner investing problem is the easiest to remedy....once you know what the experts know! (How they solve it: Page 23 of the Real Estate Success Formula).

2.  The two “Double closing” secrets (both simple, both still a complete mystery to most investors) that can sneak money away from even the greediest investors.

3.  The insanely profitable XXXXX Method to triple your chances of success...No matter how broke you are, even if you've never invested a penny in real estate. (Only a handful of investors ever figure this out on their own....and does your life ever change when you do!)

4.  A secret new technique (unknown even to investors who rate themselves as “Millionaire seasoned pro's”) that is guaranteed to squeeze every last drop of profit from any deal you do! (Your bank account will love you for this one)

5. Astonishing "Success Patterns" that actually give even the most credit challenged wholesalers an unfair advantage over wealthier seasoned pros.

6. Foolproof pricing formula--99% effective, but so new you may not have heard of it yet! (The same formula high priced appraisers are now using)

7. The three "Last Chance" exit strategies for investors who don't have a penny to invest....It's easier than you think, even complicated foreclosure deals become Childs play using these tactics.

8. The 2 most important DOUBLE CLOSING secrets--Eric was forced to learn these the hard way--Now you don't have to! (Sure they're taboo, but who cares?)

9. What Realtors begged us not to tell you about buying HUD foreclosures (You'll never be RIPPED OFF again)...This one tip alone will save you at least $1323.00

10. Eric's secret seller negotiation phrase--Immediately cools off hot headed sellers...Even during the most intense situations. (Use this remarkable little phrase to squeeze even more equity out of stingy sellers).

11. Learn to spot hidden "High cost inspection traps" BEFORE presenting a property (and humiliating yourself) to other investors.

12. Simple planning changes that can drastically improve--or completely deflate......your chances of succeeding in real estate (Get this part right and you'll never experience ANALYSIS PARALYSIS again)

13. The single biggest success secret that every investor shares...and you already poses it! (The few investors who discover this simple “sure fire” secret enjoy financial freedom and success unimagined by investors who ignore it!)

14.  How to create massive cash using real estate that you don't even own....You don't need credit to do that!

15.  How to become a buyer magnet and have your real estate deals sold before you even put them under contract!

16.  How to build a monthly income that surpasses your salary in under 92 Days!

17.  How to find the top investors in any market, that will plea with you (and pay you) to find them real estate! (It's really amazingly easy once you know the secret)

18.  How to Joint Venture with other investors to minimize expenses and maximize profits! (Of course using ALL OF THEIR MONEY)

19.  How you generate up to $8912.00 a month in extra income, working only 7 more hours a week.....Imagine the possibilities if you worked 30?

20.  How to siphon off piles of cash on even the trashiest properties.... I have made my highest profits on the ugliest properties.

21.  You'll discover my secrets to doubling or even tripling your current levels of success....Without doubling or tripling the amount of work that your doing. (I call this time leverage)

22.  How to get motivated sellers begging you to take their equity!

23.  How to present creative offers that get accepted!

24.  How I turned $5.00 in gas money, into $7500.00 in under 2 weeks!

25.  Discover the secret hide outs of the best real estate bargains....You won't believe where their hiding!

26.  How to make fast cash on real estate wholesaling in any market!

27.  The secret to getting offers accepted with even the most outrageous clauses!

28.  How to find the hottest properties in any market without spending a penny on direct mail!

29.  How to make thousands of dollars, even on pretty homes in pretty areas....You couldn't dream of doing this with traditional investing.

30.  How to make thousands as a real estate investor without lifting a finger for repairs....I promise you haven't seen this anywhere else!

31. Insider secrets to sky rocket your profits as a real estate wholesaler.

32. Learning to Dominate the room at any REI club function.

33. Discovering the 4 Key Players on your Investing “Dream Team”.

34. Unlocking your potential in the next 31 days...Your bank account will thank you.

35. Getting the inside track on “Buying only SOLD homes”.

36. Uncovering the truth behind marketing for motivated sellers....You'll be amazed at how easy this is!

37. Learning my secrets for dealing with difficult homeowners.

38. Learning to eliminate time wasting, unqualified buyers.

39. Insider secrets for closing more deals with less effort.

40. Insider secrets for making a fortune in real estate without spending any of your own money on advertising.

41. Wholesaling Contracts Made Easy.

42. Finding out how to estimate property repairs better than any contractor.

43. Learn why having no investing experience can allow for quicker success than being an “expert”.

44. How to succeed at real estate investing with no money, no job and no credit.

45. Discover why past credit problems should never hold you back from being a successful investor.

46. How to invest in real estate eliminating 3 AM “Toilet Fixing” calls.

47. How to succeed as a real estate investor without ever setting foot in a bank.

48. Uncover the advantages of using double closings vs. Assignments.

49. The dirty little secrets of Double Closings.

50. Price homes effectively in minutes! 

51.  How to build your own financial empire without cash or credit...You'll kick yourself when you find out how easy it is.

52.  The one thing you must NEVER do when dealing with greedy Realtors...Miss this one and the only person smiling will be your Realtor.

53.  Learn my proven real estate system that provides you with cash on demand......For the rest of your life!

54.  Discover my proven system for making loads of cash in the real estate business without ever setting foot in a property!

55.  Can you really tell if a sellers lying or not? (If you're relying on them to tell the most investors do....You could be outta business before you start)

56.  The Number One Cause of deals falling apart....And your profits going bye-bye! (and how you can prevent it)  I learned this one the hard way, now you don't have to!

57.  A secret new technique (unknown even to investors who rate themselves as “Millionaire seasoned pro's”) that is guaranteed to squeeze every last drop of profit from any deal you do! (Your bank account will love you for this one)

58.  Why the single most common (and costly) wholesaling mistake is the easiest to fix....once you know what the I know!

59.  How a simple planning change can help (or hinder) your chances of success! (Get this part right, and you'll never experience what investors call “Analysis Paralysis” again!)

60.  Can you really tell if a buyer's qualified or not? (If you're relying on a “prequlification letter” as most investors do.....You could be wasting your time with “Tire Kickers”!)

Click Here To Start Getting Money in Just 30 Days!

Here's Why This System Works Like Crazy...

 STEP #1:   First I'll show you how to position yourself as the “Go to” deal finder for your real estate market... Quickly allowing to generate multiple streams of income from real estate, without investing a dime of your own.

     As the “Go to" real estate person... Instead of "Money leverage" that Traditional Investing tactics require.    You'll be using Relationship leverage...

    Meaning if you've ever made a friend, you've already got what it takes to earn a fortune... Pretty cool huh?

STEP #2:  Next I'll show you how to get house hungry buyers flocking to you like seagulls on crack, because you're gonna quickly become their source of the hottest deals in town.

   Quite honestly, that's when life gets easy and the money gets ridiculous because once you've got buyers on board, can you guess who else is gonna come knocking next?  Desperate sellers that's who!

STEP #3  At that point, if you feel like it, you'll make a few phone calls (connecting the dots so to speak) and watch the money come pouring in.

    If that sounds too simple... that's because it is.

    The thing is, if you're one of those people that get all freaked by the word "Wholesaling", let me reframe what you'll actually be doing.  Because, quite honestlly, I like to think of myself as a property liaison, or real estate concierge. 

    Just as a concierge sets up hotel guests with the best seats in town... you'll be setting up buyers with the hottest properties in town (except unlike a concierge, you'll earn a fast fortune doing it)

That's the real beauty of this system, as a real estate concierge you DON'T need to sweat all the typical real estate requirements like:


A Bank Account Full Of Cash...


A 300+ Credit Score...


To Deal With Nightmare Tenants


Any Real Estate Experience...


To Take On Any of Risk


To LOSE A Single Nights Sleep Wondering About the Real Estate Market.....

     ..and without all those typical barriers holding you down, you can start earning money within the next 30 days. ...Not matter what your situation looks like today...

     Okay now where were we?  

     Oh, as I was saying, shortly after my chance meeting with another wholesaler my life took a rather DRAMATIC turn for the better... and you would think that would be a good thing, except...

I Was Scared $hitless!

And for good reason, because:

  • Up until I gave wholesaling a whirl... I had failed at every thing I touched.  (Kinda like King Midas only instead of things turning to gold...I turned them into $hit... No kidding!)

  • I had absolutely no experience in real estate (other than failures... But I don't think those count).

  • I didn't have a pot to piss in.

  • I'd wasted thousands on "The next greatest thing" from every SCUM SUCKING GURU under the sun. (That's why I've done you a tremendous favor by taking only the STUFF THAT WORKED FOR ME and included it in this course....So you don't have to waste your money like I did!)


    Despite all that, my nail biting worry, quickly turned to jaw dropping disbelief  because I somehow managed to pull in a jaw dropping...

$84,612 In Under 30 Days

     It happened so fast, I had a hard time wrapping my mind around it.... 

     Can you imagine your reaction, going from flat broke to over $80k in less than 30 days?   I'd never seen money like that in my life.  To be honest, I got a little freaked out by it. 

     At home... Well,  let's just say the wife went from "Pissed to Blissed"  in zero seconds flat.  But wait, before we go any further.   I have a confession to make...  

    Perhaps like you, initially I was skeptical of making ANY money with wholesaling... so NEVER in a million years did I see THIS coming.

Crazy as it sounds, wholesaling did more than make me rich...

"Wholesaling (Almost Magically) Cured A Few Other "Headaches' In My Marriage Too!"

    You know, those headaches that seem to come and go as the diamonds and/or flowers come and go...


    The FTC would have an absolute field day with me if I were to promise (or imply) that just because wholesaling made me rich, it'll do the same for you...


   That just because wholesaling "Magically" cured my wife's headaches, it'll cure your wife's "Headaches" too...

   ...however, as far as I know, I can legally share that wholesaling worked an absolute miracle in most every area of my life. 

     Anyway, back to my point, where was I again?   Oh yeah, a few months after my $84,000 month I quickly came to realize that perhaps...

Wholesaling Actually Worked TOO GOOD!

     Imagine the gut wrenching feeling of walking into your accountants office and and learning you would would have to cough up over $30,000 in taxes. 

     Before wholesaling I hadn't made $30,000 a year, now I was expected to pay that much in taxes... What was this $hit?

     Unfortunately, I didn't have a choice... my financial situation had just improved about a 1000%... so the last thing I needed was to ruin it all by pissing off Uncle Sam, you know?

     Not to mention, prior to discovering wholesaling I'd never expected to earn more $80,000 working full-time for 3 years straight ...  So who was I to complain about making that much in 30 days?

     However, I still had that nagging voice in the back of my head saying....

"Maybe You Just Got Lucky"

     Who knows?  Maybe it was a fluke, right?  It's possible.

     So here's what happened next.  I went right back to my buyers list and started putting together one deal, then another, then another.

     With results like that, it's easy to see why I spend so much time teaching you to build a solid buyers list, because once you've got it, you've basically got cash on demand for the rest of your life.


     Sure my lazy a$$ had to work had for almost 2 weeks to get my buyers list together....

NOTE:  Don't worry, since then I've honed my list building skills to a razor sharp point, meaning you won't be forced to work two weeks like I did.  In fact, I'll show you how to get 16 buyers in just a day or two


     But ultimately it was all worth it,  just watching my wife's jaw drop to the floor when I strolled in the door with 4 more massive checks.  She couldn't believe how much money I was making....and I was in shock too.

     At that point she started drilling me with questions, certain I couldn't keep this up forever. 

"It's Really Pretty Easy..."

    ...I told her.  I meant it then and I still believe it to this day!

    Think about this.

     All I really did was tell a few investors about properties that I thought were a good deal.   There's NO RISK in that right?

     I'll bet if I added up all the time I actually spent working on those deals, it might come out to  35 hours of actual "work".

     And let me ask you a question, where else can you TRADE

35 Hours of *Work* for $116,453


     All I really did was introduce some people and sign my name a few times.  Heck, I did all that despite the fact that you can't even read my signature!

     No kidding, these days I not only have a doctors signature, but I've got their income too!

     Oh, wanna see the high tech office I was using?

      Here's a picture two offices I was forced to spend most of my time once I started wholesaling.  It beat's the hell out of a cubical.

 I'm Ready To Have A Corvette and Harley For My Office

     The truth is, if a Vette or Harley don't suit your fancy, really just about any sports car or motorcycle will do. 

    My point is this...  you really don't need anything fancy to make a killing in wholesaoing... 

     You just need to know the formula.  The good news is, I plan to share my formula with you right here in this letter.

     Yes, I know your "Hype-O-Meter" probably starts beeping when you hear about Secret Formulas and stuff.  So let me give you some more proof of what my system will do for you.

Even More Proof Of How Well This System Works!

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real estate investing articles, real estate investing tips, wholesaling real estate

real estate articles, real estate tips, real estate wholesaling

      I'm not sharing these stories of success to impress you, but to impress UPON you that, the MONEY IS REAL and that YOU CAN DO IT too....Once you know what I know.

     I'm also telling you this because one of the most dangerous things you can do if you want to make money in real estate, is to put your faith in someone who has good intentions, and a few decent strategies and techniques...

     ...but has NO REAL CLUE about the TRUE insider secrets that have made investors like myself millions.

     Unlike other so-called "gurus" who actually know next to nothing about making money in real estate... I've got real, concrete proof that absolutely anyone can earn money investing with my help, regardless of how broke you are.

      Maybe you don't want to become a millionaire real estate mogul... maybe you just want a better life for you and your family... that's alright too... but I need to tell you this...

It's not much harder to make a "Decent" living with this, as it is to earn a FORTUNE... and I don't mean that in a negative way... I mean it only in the most positive sense.

I say that because, wholesaling is just like anything else worth doing... the more deals you do, the easier it gets...and the easier it gets, the more deals you can do.  So why not do it to it's fullest?   I sure do.

     The truth is, it's not just all my experience that'll make your journey so easy... it's that WHOLESALING IS SO EASY because it doesn't require:

  • Begging relatives for money...

  • A perfect credit score...

  • 2nd Mortgages or Mortgages of ANY Kind

  • Years of experience (actually it's just the opposite)

Is Wholesaling The Right For You?

      Hell, if you've got money to spend and great credit, then theirs a million other ways you can make money in real estate....

     Wholesaling IS NOT about "Spending money to make money".    That's called money leverage.   Wholesaling is about leveraging relationships.

     It's about "Working" ONCE and getting paid forever...

     And, it's also about making you a fast fortune NO MATTER what your situation looks like right now...

     Actually, let me help you out and show you......

The Honest TRUTH About Why Wholesaling Works!

Wholesling is NOT about "Spending Money to Make Money":  Obviously it works if you want to spend money.....But that's not the point.

Wholesaling IS NOT about leveraging money, it's about you leveraging relationships for massive cash paydays....Not everyone has money, but anyone (including you) can establish relationships.

The amazing thing is that investors are happy to pay you and sellers are elated you've helped them out....It's a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario.

So if you're driven to make a TON OF MONEY, want unshakable job security, or you're seeking financial freedom....My wholesaling system is the fastest way to turn that into money for YOU!

This is NOT about buying houses:  When you think about buying houses, you think about spending money.  I'd like you to consider something for a minute.


Critical Info Here:

The reason I say this is because all the real estate "Strategies" you've ever been taught are based on lending and investing techniques that were used before the housing market collapse.

They're based on old lending laws and over inflated housing markets...

And you and I both know this to be true:  Times have changed.  The housing market has done a 180 turn from where it was a year ago.... Hell, in a few markets it's changed that money since just a MONTH AGO.

You can't rely on the 3 P's anymore (Put a sign in the yard and Pray for Profit) in this new housing market....It's just too risky!

It's pretty obvious right?

Bottom Line Is THIS:  It's not your fault if you've tried and failed before.  The problem isn't YOU... it's the TRAINING.

The truth is, if I was just here to peddle products, there's 1000 better ways to make money, but this isn't about "Selling you" something...

  • It's about you, knowing a great thing when it falls in your lap.

  • It's about you, short cutting the learning curve that I suffered through.

  • It's about you, putting my PROVEN money getting system to work for you.

  • It's about you, not spending thousands on outdated investing courses (I've cut through the clutter and included ONLY the stuff that WORKS)

I Guarantee you've never been taught this stuff before, and once I show you how to do it....Life will never be the same.

     The truth is, without knowing YOU or your work ethic I really can't say for sure.  But what I CAN SAY is this is a radically different approach to investing allowing you to start EARNING money immediately if you so choose...

     ...and if you're REALLY serious about this--then I am dead set and 100% confident, that I can help turn YOU into my next real estate success story... and help force you all the way to your first 6 figure year.  No Joke.

     That being said, the truth is, I almost didn't do this.

      For a while there, I was quite reluctant to give away every last one of the secrets and tricks I know.  Literally everything.

     But in the end, I believe I did the right thing.

     Because unless you're coming right here to Grand Rapids Michigan to compete with me head to head... I think there's plenty of money and  more than enough deals for the both of us to walk away with a smile on our face.

     And for YOU, this means only one thing...

     No longer will you have to put up with being one of the thousands of frustrated and helpless newbies fighting to keep your head above water...

     ...because if you're sick of buying endless junk filled products and watching the gurus living their dream lifestyle with your hard earned money, then the game is about to change...


"The Ultimate Wholesaling System"

"I'll Show You EXACTLY How To Put My PROVEN Real Estate Money-Getting System To Work For YOU!"

It's The FIRST AND ONLY System Of It's Kind... Because It's The EXACT Same System That Has Made My Other Students and I As Much As $3327.00 Per Hour...

     By now it should be "clear as day" obvious why my system works so well...

     ...when thousands of investors, from all walks of life, have experienced dramatic life changing results using my system... I HAVE TO BELIEVE that if YOU put even a fraction of it to work for YOU, you'll make a whole lot more money than even some of my TOP students.

     So if you want to put my Wholesaling system to work for you, I'm happy to get you started.

     Here's how this is gonna work:

     First off, for reasons that will be explained later on in this letter I can only allow a limited number of you access to my special bonus opportunity...

      I wish I had more more, but as you'll soon see there's only so much I can do.  But with or without the bonus...

     Here's what you can expect to INSTANTLY receive... even if you're not one fortunate enough to grab my HYPER LEARNING Bonus package...

    Trust me you'll have more than enough to get started either way.

Module #1  Ultimate Wholesaling System Guide 


The Ultimate Wholesaling System- You'll quickly understand why my Ultimate Wholesaling Guide is one of the most sought after profit builders on U.S Soil.

When you're following along step by step as I unveil the high profit lessons of wholesaling mastery, you'll be scratching your head at how easy wholesaling becomes....

You'll also feel like kicking yourself for not discovering wholesaling years earlier.  Keep your cool though, you're finally on the right track!

A small fraction of the topics include:


My ultra stealthy tactics for making risky required deposits a thing of the past....Screw losing sleep over fear someone might not return your deposit.  I'll show you how to avoid making a deposit in the first place.


Wickedly effective tactics for taking advantage of our current housing crisis.....While most cowardly investors are  "Waiting to see what'll happen" you'll be stealing their buyers right out from other their noses, leaving them panicked and humiliated when the market turns around.


Insider Secrets to foreclosure profits....It's blazingly obvious foreclosures are the most lucrative cash cows in real estate.  Avoid the nightmarish task of navigating your way through the minefield of misinformation that knuckle headed "Guru's" have been passing along as "Truth".....I'll tell you exactly what you need to know!


Get the skinny on assembling your "Power team" making investing so simple your cheeks will hurt from grinning....


Step by step plans for determining the wholesale value of any piece of real estate....I cornered the appraiser from my power team and squeezed him for ever last ounce of pricing insight....Then filtered out the useless B.S...Leaving you with PURE home pricing gold.


How to turn your wholesaling business on autopilot....Allowing you to make money even while your enjoying yourself elsewhere (Like Hawaii, the Golf Course, or watching repeat episodes of Baywatch in your basement)


Street savvy Contractor secrets for quickly analyzing repair costs on any property...Empower yourself and....Avoid the contractor waiting game that all too often leads to high profit homes being gobbled up while your "Waiting for an estimate".


Navigation secrets for sifting your way through the tricky jargon of many real estate contracts....Don't even think about signing a contract until you've seen this.


Double closing secrets you thought you already knew (Only a hand full of investors ever get this right...But when you do, your bank account will never be the same)

I am laying out EVERY action that has lead to my success..EVERYTHING is in here.

Module #2  Advanced Buyer/Seller Strategies

 preston ely, preston ely wholesaling, preston ely probates, real estate wholesaling

Advanced Level Buyer/Seller Strategies-Learn all of my dirty little tricks for locating desperate buyers and motivated sellers in any market, under any condition.....without spending a dime on advertising.

After listening to this valuable profit maker you'll know exactly: How to find desperate buyers ready to shell out cold hard cash to get in on some of your deals!


How to locate motivated sellers even when they don't want to be found.


How to build a 11 person buyers list in under 9 days without wasting money on direct mail.


How to immediately size up any buyer...Avoiding time wasting tire kickers that can drain your profits away (They won't know what hit them!)


How I used the tax records to build my buyers list in record time.(This tactic is worth it's weight in gold)...When I shared this secret with some seasoned pro's I thought their eyes were going to pop outta their head.


What you need to tell nosy Realtors about your wholesaling business.  Realtors will become you're personal property servants once you know these tricks.


How to avoid the super costly mistakes that I made as a rookie wholesaler....Yep, even I messed up to the tone of close to $10,000


How to uncover the truth from B.S investors who are all talk and no action.

I think you get the point.  I am spoon feeding you every bit of information that I know to fast track your real estate investing success. 

Module #3   Wholesaling Real Estate Made Easy 


Wholesaling Real Estate Made Easy- On this priceless wholesaling resource, I take you step by step through the entire wholesaling process. I will give you the straight answers to all of you wholesaling questions including:


How to assign contracts...This section alone could skyrocket your success as a real estate wholesaler


Double closing secrets... (you'll be surprised at how easy they become once you know this)


How to jump on the fast track to wholesaling success.


How to decided whether or not to get your real estate license.


How to eliminate working with time wasting buyers.


How to make every deal a profitable deal.


How to make a fortune wholesaling without spending a dime on advertising.


How to get buyers and sellers eating out of the palm of your hand.
What little secrets the greedy Realtors don't want you to know!

The list could go on and on...But, eventually I will run out of space! 

Module #4  Bullet Proof Contracts and Clauses

Bullet Proof Contracts, Clauses and Forms-I am giving you full access to every form that I use for both my wholesale and my bird dog deals.

Your Bulletproof Forms include:


Bullet Proof Assignment form- This form is the heart of the entire real estate wholesaling process. 


Bullet Proof Bird Dog Contract....This form will quickly become a priceless addition to your wholesaling success toolbox.


Buyer Survey Forms....Buyers will think you an old pro when your following the outline of this sheet....Even if you have never invested a day in your life.


Seller Survey Forms....Follow this outline to cut through the crap that difficult sellers will give you.


Killer Clauses....Use these clauses in every contract to avoid then need for deposits or to prevent needing a deposit at all.

I wish that I had started using these form earlier in my investing career....It would have saved me thousands!

That's All Fine And Dandy Eric, But How Much Is This Training Going To Cost?

     How much is my Wholesaling system going for?  It's cheap--less than you'd pay for one lousy "Pitchfest" seminar.....Less than a good meal at a fancy restaurant....less, even than a decent pair of shoes.

     Sure you could've gotten much of this EXACT same advice that I'm offering you today--By paying me $10,000/year like my mentoring students.  But I slammed the door shut on my mentoring program close to a year ago and were booked up solid through 2017. (NO EXCEPTION MADE:  so please don't bother writing, it makes me sad saying no)

     So that leaves you just one way you'll get a chance to learn my secrets...   In the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, just you and me working toward your fast fortune.

     Ask anyone who's trained with ME...they'll tell you how foolish it is to haggle over a few dollars when the result is learning the most high profit, life changing, investing tactics in the world!

     As soon as we begin, you'll get instant access to this system....and because it's not about "Saving for a down payment", you should be able to put my system to work for you within days.... Not weeks or months like traditional tactics.

      I fully believe that in the first 45 days, you should have already made 80X MORE ($8,000) than the cost of this entire course.  This means that not only will you have made more than you spent, you get everything else free and clear.

"Did I Mention How My System Can Help You Find Unicorns Too?"

     Just kidding. Hopefully you didn't run out and build a unicorn stable or anything crazy like that because I really just wanted to make sure you were paying attention.

    The reality is, while my system CAN'T work a UNICORN MIRACLE... it really can work a MONEY MIRACLE just like it did for wholesaling graduate Lance Shaefer

Read the Full Story of...

"How This EX-Factory Worker Is Taking The Wholesaling World By Storm With *OLD SCHOOL* Strategies Anyone Can Use"

Could've Been A Fluke Right?

WRONG!   Check Out The Next Email Lance Sent...

(Since then he's closed dozens more deals)


      Since I don't know you or your situation I CAN'T tell you exactly how many of these strategies will be an ideal fit for you...

      However, what I CAN tell you is 1000's of investors from across America have been using these same strategies to double their incomes, but I don't expect you to take my word for it...

      Rather, I'll let a few my students explain THEIR experience with my system...


      I could go on and on (filling this entire letter with success stories) yet chances are you'll still think I'm full of beans until my system works a money miracle in your life, just as it did in theirs...

  , Let's say you don't buy this system where will that you leave you?   Will you get ahead using your current strategy?   In the immortal words of Dr.Phil... "How's that been working for you"?

     I'm here to help you but you have to take the first step.   You don't have to go through this alone.





Eric Medemar 

CEO Unemployed Investor Inc

P.S.  For the record:  there's nothing special or "magical" about my Ultimate Wholesaling System, even though it may sound like it.  The truth is the truth, there's just no getting around it...

...with the right plan, you and I as Real Estate Wholesalers REALLY DO  have the ability to generate cash on demand using wholesaling.

When you think about it, the odds are really stacked in your favor. Once you understand relationship leverage, and start using the techniques I teach you, it's pretty hard not to see some amazing results.

My point is, YOU CAN DO THIS. You can make my Ultimate Wholesaling System work for you. All you have to do it let me "download" the system into your brain over the next 30 days.

P.P.S. Remember, your success is totally guaranteed!

If you follow all the steps I give you and we still can't make it work, I'll not only refund every last penny of your investment....I'll let you keep the course for FREE.


 Ordering Instructions

 Yes, Eric by making a small investment in my future today, I give you my word that:

I understand that your Ultimate Wholesaling System is fully backed by an iron clad, no questions, no hassles, 100% risk free 60 DAY MONEY BACK guarantee.  The longest guarantee in the business.

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Why Is This Incredible System Practically Free Today?


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Here's What You Can Expect . . . .

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#1 The Ultimate Wholesaling System-Includes EVERYTHING YOU NEED to get started Wholesaling.  No upsells, downsells, or missing pieces, that you need to buy later.  You're getting the WHOLE ENCHILADA Package.

     *All files are already burned onto a disc ready for you to simply plug, play and profit from the moment this monumental investing package arrives at your door. 


Students Voted THIS Their #1 Tool For Getting Their Business Off the Ground!

#2 The Real Estate Success Formula

If you're truly hungry for success you'll want to read this 46 page book from cover to cover BEFORE you tap into the main material... If you are fast enough to GET THIS...


You'll soon see WHY, I've had dozens of my high paying $10,000/yr Investing Masterminds members tell me this book is worth it's weight in gold...Especially if you've been struggling for more than 1 year to get started in real estate

(I've sold a TON of these For $97.. )


You'll be pleased to know, you can't even get this thing for $97 anymore...The ONLY way you can get it is FREE in my Hyper Learning Package.




Are you a victim?

Generation of wealth seekers have been plagued by an inability to obtain the wealth which they were so desperately seeking.

Up until recently, these "Forces of failure" were silently working in the background, quietly snuffing out the dreams of anyone who failed to recognize their presence.

Those who have been lucky enough to recognize these forces have gone on to achieve tremendous success in their lives.

Unfortunately, most of us were completely uninformed of these dream destroyers.  This lack of understanding has lead many of us:

 "To live lives of quiet desperation, going to the grave with the music still in us"

 Henry Thoreau (paraphrase)

Yes, we all know people who have slipped through the cracks......People who currently live successful lives, even though they don't consciously know the formula.

The success of these fortunate few, is generally based on stumbling upon the right people, at the right times, under the right conditions.


"You're Just Steps Away From Unraveling Your Personal Success Formula?"

Plunge deep within your the inner most workings and search for the answers these questions:


Has success always seemed to come easy for everyone around you....Even though you precisely follow their every action, where they find success, you only uncover more failure?


Have you often wondered "Why you were put here" with deep underlying thoughts of emptiness.....Impatiently thinking  "That there has to be more"?


Does it ever seem as if there is a "Demon of Destruction" always there to encourage you to stop following through and stop taking action ..... Then the instant you give in to his pleas, he turns on you again, this to remind you of what a pitiful loser you are?


Do you get frustrated that:  You know what to do, you know how to do it and you know you want it badly....But you just can't bring yourself to escape the partially paralyzed state of confusion that your mind leaves you in?

Did any of those questions hit way too close to home?  Well, your not alone.  Close to 98% of people will go their entire lives, unknowingly being dragged into forced mediocrity.


"The Real Estate Success Formula Delivers the Master Code To Unlocking Your Life's  Success Vault"

What on earth could this magnificent work of success education possibly hold for you?

Instead of trying to lure you along begging for your interest in your own success.  I am simply going to share a couple of insights that you will come to understand while reading this book:


Discover the truth of success that dates back to the time of Christ.  I'll give you a hint....Without this even GOD says you will perish.


Unleash the power of your mind using this XXXXX strategy.  Once you learn this your going to wonder why they didn't teach this stuff in school.


Uncover the XXXXXXX strategy that will allow you to make your own LUCK.....Instead of waiting for it to fall in your lap (It never does it?)


Peak inside the inner workings of EVERY successful person who has lived....What did they have that you don't?  And, how can you get it?


Scratch just below the surface of failure to reveal a gold mine of success...And, you have been sitting with it all along.  This is like finding out your farm sits on an oil field.  It will make you rich.

If none of  these ideas wet your taste buds, then please click here and go back to Google......Because you don't need to be here.



#3 Ultimate Goal Setting System

Once you experienced the dramatic results for yourself...I'm wondering how quickly you'll realize why top motivators like Tony Robbins, T Harv Ecker, and Mark Victor Hansen swear by setting and keeping your goals?


Sounds intimidating?  No worries, I've shouldered the hard work for you... you just fill in the blanks.

 (Normally Sells For $77...Yours FREE with my HYPER LEARNING system)



Ultimate Goal Setting System- Break through the barriers that have been holding you back from the success that you deserve.  This 45 minute goal setting resource and work book takes the guess work out of the goal setting process.

In this informative guide I will:


Spoon feed you my step by step winning formula for quickly getting your life on track....And your investing career.


Demonstrate why goals are the foundation for any worthwhile endeavor in life.


Arms you with vital insights toward the achievement of your real estate investing dreams....In weeks instead of years!


Show you how to avoid the 3 Major pitfalls that most wannabe investors make when putting together their goal setting plan.


Teach you my 6 step goal setting process....Are you ready for new levels of success that you never thought were possible?


Take the mystery out of your inability to keep those "Real Estate Promises" to yourself.

My goal setting system is so advanced that it is actually simple! Once you have experienced the power of goals, I promise you will never look at life the same. 


#4  Inspection Trap Cheat Sheets

Early on in my investing career one of my worst fears was to miss one of those giant inspection traps and humiliate myself in front of my primary investors...


Or worse yet lose an investor forever (I've had one investor pay me over $72K...That would have really sucked to lose him) just because I couldn't find my butt with both hands when it came to inspections.


Which is precisely why I knew this MUST be included with my HYPER LEARNING package... Because there's no reason for you to suffer like I did.

(Normally Sells For $47..Not even available for sale anymore... But it's yours FREE with my HYPER LEARNING PACKAGE)


Real Estate Inspection Cheat Sheets- These easy to understand inspection sheets take the guess work out of inspecting property.  I put these sheets together after missing several extremely costly inspection traps early in my investing career.

Armed with this priceless resource you can:



Avoid missing those high cost inspection traps when previewing properties.


Save yourself thousands of dollars in potential repairs on ANY real estate transaction.


Avoid shelling out hundreds of dollars to greedy home inspectors!


Pin point potential problems before going to the closing table.


Size up a homes problems in minutes instead of hours.


Keep one step ahead of sneaky property owners who think you'll be deceived by their lies.

You don't need to make the same mistakes that have cost me thousands. 



#5  Real Estate Negotiation Nemesis

After your first or second deal you'll quickly understand why one student said of my Negotiation System...

 "Seriously Eric...It was like showing up to a knife fight, with an M-60.  They just didn't know what hit them". 

(Normally Sells For Over $47.  Yours FREE with the HYPER-LEARNING package)


Bonus  #1 Seller Slashing Negotiation

Seller Slashing Negotiation- If you ever plan to buy a home or invest in real estate, then this valuable resource is a must have.  Sellers won't know what hit them when you come in yielding these powerful weapons of negotiation.


Learn the 9 easy questions that can quickly and easily uncover a sellers true motivation....Once you uncover their motivation they will be blind to your tactics.


Discover the perfect time to unveil my seller priming method.  If you just pick up one strategy from this system, it MUST be this one.


Amp up your negotiation power with 4 invisible strategies that are sure to keep sellers guessing until the end.


Shatter unsuspecting sellers "Lowest Price" point with my pre negotiation check list.

By the time you finish listening to this ground breaking buyer negotiation resource, it will be like showing up to a knife fight with an M 60.

Bonus #2 Seller Slashing Guide


Seller Slashing Negotiation Guide- Let's face it, someone will dominate the negotiation process...It had better be you.  This easy to understand guide will teach you:


1 Mind blowing mental exercise that you simply can't do without before negotiating any contract...Miss this one and you may as well flush your money down the toilet.


Learn my closely guarded "Colombo" negotiation tactic for smuggling hundreds of dollars right out from under a sellers nose.


Uncover the truth behind why you NEVER want to "Win" in a negotiation...Instead let sellers have the false upper hand.


Destroy hidden seller resistance that could cost you thousands.

Once you have read this insanely simple manual for stealing sellers equity, you may have a strong urge to turn yourself into the police....Stealing equity from these unsuspecting sellers couldn't be easier with a 9mm.

Bonus #3 Buyer Bashing Negotiation


Buyer Bashing Negotiation- Don't let demanding buyers come waltzing into your home and bully you around.  Instead use these heavy weight negotiation tactics to deliver a knock out punch.


Unearth the 1 HUGE mistake that 99% of sellers make that easily loses them $1134 per transaction.  Make this one mistake and you will be kicking yourself for years...Yet if you don't buy my system, I am pretty sure you will make it....Oh well you can't say I didn't worn you.


Discover the key questions that you must ask EVERY BUYER.  These questions will prevent wasting another second of your of you life with time wasting tire kickers.


Underground negotiation tactics that will leave buyers questioning why they just offered you such a high price for your home.....I know it sounds crazy, but when you bring out this doozy, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank.


Experience my negotiation wizardry,  After learning my magic, greedy buyers be mesmerized by your mind reading psychic abilities.

Watch your profits soar and your buyers hopes tumble from the sky like wet paper plane.  Most buyers would never suspect "Little old you" of unleashing a cyclone of mass negotiation destruction like this. 

 Bonus  #4 Buyer Bashing Guide


Buyer Bashing Guide - Get step by step instructions for keeping a strong hold on your hard earned equity.  It's like taking candy from a baby, once you understand how to use these outrageously simple negotiation tactics.


Learn to quickly identify a buyers personality type...Once you uncover this, buyers will instantly become 30% more agreeable to your suggestions.


Experience the wonder of power negotiation strategies in their simplest form...I make negotiation so easy, even you can do it.  (Just kidding, well maybe)


Buyers will loath you when these 5 probing questions somehow "Slip" into the conversation.....Then it's all down hill from their.


Find out how to secretly sneak around the backs of pesky buyers who love to argue about everything.  They will feel great, but you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

You'll never feel intimidated again by buyers trying to bully you.  Educate yourself now and save big money later.  Get the peace of mind you deserve.


 #5 Housing Panic Profit System-

Arm yourself with the most amazing $0 Down investing tactics on the planet.  I leave no stone left unturned in this SIMPLE to implement, easy to understand guide to making an absolute killing during our current housing crisis. 

(Normally Sells For Over $47...Yours FREE)



Module #1  Real Estate Wholesaling

Real Estate Wholesaling- is one of my favorite strategies for making money in our slumping real estate economy.  Why?  Real estate wholesaling allows you to easily turn out  profits between $3,000 and $20,000 per deal.....Best of all it's a no risk, no credit needed , no cash needed investing strategy, that has worked for myself and thousands of other investors from across the U.S.

In this highly profitable investing resource I will reveal:


4 time tested exit strategies that will leave you prepared for any scenario that comes your way....You're gonna kick yourself once you hear how easy this works.


5 Ways to get your buyers list overflowing with desperate buyers in 8 days or less....Desperate buyers willing to pay you big money just to use your inside connections.


2 Secrets for marketing your properties effectively so you can turn them quickly...Turn em and burn em as they say!


How to make MORE MONEY with less risk by using the RIGHT exit strategies.


3 key ingredients to structure every deal right so you make more on each deal and eliminate your risk!


How to build a monthly income that surpasses your salary in under 92 Days!


How to apply a little known strategy combination to give you even greater profits if things get sticky.


My 6 step approach to tacking real estate quickly, safely, creatively and with minimal risk...I have connected the dots, you simply need to follow the map.

The list could go on and on, but I'll just shut up now.  I think you get the picture.

Module #2  Beginners Bird Dogging

Real estate bird dogging is the only investing strategy that allows you to "Earn while you learn" real estate investing.  Imagine getting paid to go to real estate college.....Real estate bird dogging allows you to do just that.

While I teach you my "Earning while learning" methods you'll Discover things like:



The best strategies to use in down markets....So you're income is never an issue!


The quickest ways to ATTRACT desperately motivated sellers so they come to you...Begging for your help!


My complete step by step approach to completing successful bird dog deals.


2 Critical Questions you must ask any investor before taking them on as a client....You'll kick yourself all the way to the bank if you miss this one.


Secrets to eliminating time wasting tire kickers who can easily pull you into the depths of real estate doldrums.


How to avoid the most costly pitfalls that many newbie real estate investors end up making.

Don't bother wasting your hard earned money on more investing courses....Instead use a hands on approach for learning the investing game.

Module #3    Lease Options

Lease options- Right now we are in the midst of what I like to call "The perfect lease option storm".  Why? 

Desperate sellers are willing to do anything to seller their homes.  Cash poor, credit lacking buyers have lost all hope of traditional financing due to the recent mortgage melt down.  What does this mean for you?  Unmatchable profits while our housing market tanks like never before.

Pay very  close attention while listening to this valuable resource.  Even a 10 second flutter of thoughts could cost you thousands.  After all you could miss something like this: 



Learn a proven system to provide you cash whenever you want......For the rest of your life!


How to build your own real estate empire without cash or credit or risk!


How to make HUGE profits off real estate that you don't even own!


How to structure the deals from start to finish for generating quick cash without risk.


How to Help desperate sellers get more money for their home....While you're laughing all the way to the bank!


My secret sandwich strategy that will surely leave you baffled that you didn't think of it....If you did think of it you would already be making thousands.

Of all the modules offered with my Housing Panic Profit System this is by far my favorite.  I don't think you will see an opportunity this big for the next 10 years!



Bird Dogging F. A .Q Video

Real Estate Bird Dog F.A.Q-I can't wait to show you this fantastic video that I put together about real estate bird dogging.

Inside you'll learn:


My deadly effective tactics to fast forward your success as a real estate bird dog.


How you can avoid the one PAINFUL mistake most rookie bird dogs make....It's not what you think it is


3 Bird dog secrets that will set you miles ahead of your competition...


FACT:  Most investors will think you're just another mooch...Unless you're doing this


The one thing you must do differently if you're really looking to connect with other investors...Connections lead to cash...It's the name of the game

Okay, maybe I saved the best for last....Who knows?  Either way this bonus needs to NOT BE FREE after this guru promo is over.  But, if you do get it, you'll love it.  



Covert  Buyer Tactics Video


Covert Buyer Tactics Video-Whether you're wholesaling or bird dogging buyers are the name of the game.  Unfortunately, the truth is NO BUYERS=NO MONEY.

Inside this invaluable wholesaling video you'll find:


The two biggest mistakes rookies make when trying  find investors......and what you can do instead.


A simple "Profit Phrase" that quadruples your chances of locating buyers at REI meetings...This 1 tip will make you thousands.


A secret of why "Experienced Investors" might never give you the time of day......and 2 COVERT tactics you can use to bypass that response.


A secret trick---Stolen from another millionaire---That eliminates your fears and anxieties about approaching investors 

Okay, so maybe I did save the best for last....At any rate my Covert Buyer Tactics movie will easily allow your buyers list to grow...To as much as 14 buyers in 2 weeks....If you use this stuff. 





 Credit Repair Tactics Revealed 


Credit Repair Tactics- NO YOU DON"T NEED CREDIT TO WHOLESALE.  However, great credit definitely helps if you want to venture outside of wholesaling.

Having good credit is an essential part of living the American dream.

Having said that, if your credit is damaged, we have discovered some insanely simple tactics that can raise your credit score by as much as 200 points.  When you follow the simple step by step strategies revealed in this easy to understand guide you'll learn:


A Little known credit fallacy that costs 90% of people at least 30 points on their credit....Even *Credit Specialist* get this one wrong...You don't have to make this mysterious error!


A detailed explanation of what bad credit is,  how to fix it and how to actually CREATE higher credit scores...Without paying off a single debt.


How "Canceling" your unused credit cards could potentially HARM your credit....


When paying *NONE OF YOUR BILLS*  might be better than spending thousands to reduce your debt...I know it sounds crazy but once you see this info, you'll become an instant believer!   FREE GIFT NOW!

Unless you're an expert....Missing this module could RUIN you...Trust me, if you found out this info after you've lost your home.  You will kick yourself for the rest of your life...That's not an exaggeration 



What's more, the dirt cheap price and all these bonuses are actually irrelevant because...


It's true!  If you're not absolutely thrilled for any reason or no reason at all just send it back for a 100% refund. 

No questions asked and no hard feelings either. 

It's just that easy to experience all the benefits this new system can bring to your life.

Since it's yours free why not claim it?  You have nothing to lose, and this one simple system could easily change your life for the better.  Indeed, for many, this has proven to be the unexpected turning point on the path to closing deals.



 Ordering Instructions

 Yes, Eric by making a small investment in my future today, I give you my word that:

I understand that your Ultimate Wholesaling System is fully backed by an iron clad, no questions, no hassles, 100% risk free 60 DAY MONEY BACK guarantee.  The longest guarantee in the business.

I understand that I will be given INSTANT ACCESS to your entire system via multimedia library within 2 minutes (or less) of ordering -- even if it's 2 a.m.         

Why Is This Incredible System Practically Free Today?


I have a simple and selfish reason for sharing my system for next-to-nothing:  When you see how drastically your outlook on wholesaling improves in the next 24 hours, your going to tell others.  And word-of-mouth marketing is how I fill my seminars and that's

where I make my money. 


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But If You ACT NOW You'll Get Everything You See For ONLY:


**After ordering, don't forget to print out the receipt for your tax records so Uncle Sam Can Pick Up the Tab.

Special Note From The Author:  

Please keep in mind, don't just... Hurry and buy this system today because you want to claim your HYPER-LEARNING Bonus, before you miss out.

Instead... I encourage you to take your time and consider how valuable wholesaling will be in your life... Then once you get a grasp on why wholesaling will change your life today... or next week.

Just come on back... I promise I'll still be in business when your ready to make a change and you'll still be getting one of the best values in America even is you miss out on the bonus...


Available Immediately For Download
Ultimate Wholesaling System Guide
Wholesaling Made Easy
Advanced Buyer/Seller Tactics
Underground Profit Stacking Guide
Underground Profit Stacking
Bullet Proof Contracts and Clauses
Ultimate Investor Goal Setting Guide  
Ultimate Investor Goal Setting  
Real Estate Inspection Cheat Sheets  
Real Estate Success Formula Guide  
Buyer Bashing Negotiation Guide  
Buyer Bashing Negotiation  
Seller Slashing Negotiation  
Housing Panic Profits Bird Dogging  
Housing Panic Profits Lease Options  
Housing Panic Profits Wholesaling  
Credit Repair Tactics Revealed  
Covert Buyer Location Tactics Video  
Real Estate Bird Dogging Video  


"Double Thumbs Up....Good Stuff"


I have gone through most of the download, double thumbs up..good stuff, you really got me thinking, I love the profit stacking, and the pocket LLC's, and your advice about building a buyer's list first and then going out and looking for deals... as I think about it, that advice makes sense.

That is exactly what I am going to do. Your ideas about researching in the MLS-solds, with the buzz words ( re-hab, fixer-upper, etc.) to find who the active buyers are, that my friend, alone is worth the cost of the materials.

I have realized that I can become an overnight success in wholesaling, with a quality 'buyer's list'!

If you can do it, I can do it, your material and listening to you talk about wholesaling...was just enough to push me off the cliff, I'M IN, BIG TIME !


Ron M.

Columbus, Ohio


If It Wouldn't Be Too Much Trouble?


     If it wouldn't be too much trouble... next week, after you've got your buyers list up and running.   I've made it a habit to ask each of my successful students to drop me a short email. I'd love to add to my student successes portfolio...


    Plus, my investing mastermind students and I would like to personally congratulate you on being a cut above the rest... I'll be looking forward to your email.


What's more, the dirt cheap price and all these bonuses are actually irrelevant because...

It's true!  If you're not absolutely thrilled for any reason or no reason at all just send it back for a 100% refund. 

No questions asked and no hard feelings either. 

It's just that easy to experience all the benefits this new system can bring to your life.

Since it's yours free why not claim it?  You have nothing to lose, and this one simple system could easily change your life for the better.  Indeed, for many, this has proven to be the unexpected turning point on the path to closing deals.

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